Obama's Newest Healthcare Numbers

The new administration is putting on its thinking cap. The $819 billion stimulus package just passed by the House includes:
$ 87 billion to help States cover Medicaid costs
$ 29 billion to help unemployed people buy private insurance
$ 20 billion to implement healthcare technologies such as EMR 
$  11 billion to extend Medicaid coverage to the newly uninsured
= $117 billion for healthcare
Economic turmoil is leading us to pump money into the healthcare system to cover the millions who are losing their jobs and most likely their coverage. Out of necessity, we're diverting resources from reforming the system to preserving access to it.
Hopefully, the $20 billion earmarked for technology will spur further development and adoption of regional health information organizations so we can share data to improve the efficiency and quality of care.
Today the Senate approved $32.8 billion to bring coverage to 4 million more children through the State Children's Health Insurance Program. President Obama plans to sign it into law.
We're spending more on healthcare to cover more people. The GDP is shrinking; healthcare spending is growing. It doesn't bode well for sustainability. But, for now, our choices are limited. Providing care in lieu of making progress on reform is the right thing to do. 
—Tom DeSanto

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