Inaugural Numbers

44th president of the United States

37.8 million U.S. television viewers
28ºF temperature at noon
20 January 2009, a great transition
18-minute 37-second inaugural address
3AM my son leaves American U to attend
1.5 million people pack Washington, DC
1 new leader with a mandate for change
0 arrests despite the huge masses of people
Innumerable: a new spirit of unity and hope 
U.S. government photo

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engbulldog2009 said...

It sounds like you did NOT attend or left out the rest...

* left over trash from the estimated 1.5 million in attendance
* the majority of those in attendance used profanity, vulgarities, and were utterly disrespectful of others
* over commercializiation of the inauguration - vendors forgot the historic and meaning of the inauguration and ONLY seemed interested in making a buck $$$
* I can go on and on and on... BECAUSE, I was there!!