Branding is Believing

Each generation either breathes new life into a brand or presides over its last breath.

What do you believe? Take a moment to answer.

1. Is the Encyclopaedia Britannica the authoritative source for information?

Not anymore. Today,  Britannica, established in 1768, ceased publishing its venerable printed volumes. We stopped believing.

2. Are American cars as good as vehicles produced by foreign competitors?

Maybe. A generation ago, the American auto industry led the world. More recently, it was flatlining until a Federal bailout shocked it back to life. Will it come back? Only if you believe.

3. Is Apple the leading source for whatever is new and cool?

Yes. In mid-2011, Apple surpassed Google as the world's most valuable brand by reaching an estimated value of $153 billion (Brandz Top 100 Ranking.) Apple made believers out of us.

4. If you had a serious illness, where would you go for treatment? Where would you never go?

Most likely you know. Something influenced you to believe your care would be excellent or poor, perhaps the opinion of a physician, family member or friend. How we gather the information that shapes our beliefs is beginning to change. A recent poll found that 57 percent of consumers thought that "social media connections would have a strong impact on their likelihood to seek treatment at a hospital." (YouGov Poll published in Becker's Hospital Review)

What do you believe?  Over time, brands rise and fall based on their ability to continually win the hearts and minds of their constituents. How? By remaining relevant and in a close relationship.

Branding is believing.

Tom DeSanto

Image: Google Images

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