Thanksgiving Talk: Triumph and Tragedy

When conversation at Thanksgiving dinner turned to health, personal stories poignantly told the tale of American healthcare.

A relative in his seventies talked about how open-heart surgery and a knee replacement enabled him to continue an active lifestyle. His care was covered by his health insurance. A future bicycle tour in Europe was being planned.

Another relative told how her friend had recently died from a stroke at age 44. It was caused by blood clots that could have been prevented with coumadin. But the woman couldn't afford it because she had no health insurance. Her friend's funeral was being planned.

The disparity in America's healthcare system is outrageous. In a land of plenty, people are dying because they can't afford basic care that could save their lives. Shouldn't we all have the opportunity to live abundantly?

If we simply addressed the disparities, America could improve the health of its population and the effectiveness of its healthcare system. The healthcare debate so often is about money. It's also about morals. We need to do what's right.

— Tom DeSanto

Image: Tom DeSanto

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