From Paradise to Pandemic

Paradise. On our annual trip to the Caribbean, I was delighted to discover that faded coral reefs throughout the National Park at St. John, USVI, are coming back with a level of growth and intense color I haven't seen in years.

Pandemic. Immediately upon our return, the flu struck our household with hurricane force. It started with our daughter and proceeded to demolish the health of each family member.
All the symptoms, respiratory to GI to fever to headache to body aches, are intense and long lived. Sometimes symptoms abate, only to return with ferocity. It has disrupted our family for nearly three weeks.
The lesson in all this is that although nature takes it course, we need to be diligent in whatever steps we can take to secure our well being .
Thankfully, the coral reefs appear to be healing in spite of dire warnings about global warming.
Thankfully, my family will get over the flu. But, having been struck by the awesome power of this new flu strain, I can tell you not to take dire warnings about a pandemic for granted. We all need to take precautions.
I'll be back to blogging about health care when good health returns.
— Tom DeSanto

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your family being ill. We have experienced the same, but it's more related to the complications associated with the flu. There doesn't seem to be enough info out to the public on that yet, although the CDC has posted on their website that anyone with vomiting, breathing or diarrhea issues seek medical attention immediately. Good advice - we, unfortunately, learned the hard way. Had to hospitalize Grandpa with severe dehydration. This can quickly lead to kidney failure; a matter of days with the elderly. It's going to be a rough winter...