The Truth Abut Blogging

After six months and 25 posts, I've learned some harsh realities abut blogging.

A blog is a tumbleweed. It lives in a vast, uncharted wilderness. You must provide the moisture to sustain it and the wind to keep it moving. A blog can easily become dry, lifeless and still.
A blog is a spouse. You will not find fulfillment and joy in blogging unless you love it, are committed fully to it and have realistic expectations for it. A blog can easily end from boredom and neglect.
A blog is a lottery. You play it regularly and hope to hit it big. You check the numbers and shake your head. 30 hits one day; none the next. It makes no sense. But you don't want to stop.
A blog is a drill sergeant. It demands the discipline to go beyond reading, thinking and sharing to obeying the regimentation, schedule and protocols of blogging. Duty calls and you must hop to it.
A blog is a personality inventory. You can learn a lot about yourself and readers can learn more about you than you could ever imagine. A blog can reveal everything from narcissism to altruism.   
A blog is a reservoir. If you love to write and have something to say, a blog collects and stores a wellspring of ideas that quench your thirst to share and hopefully serve to refresh others. (At least that's my ideal.)
To tell the truth, there are a great many things I'd rather do than blogging. For now, I'm choosing to make it a part of my life. Will other commitments crowd it out? Only time will tell.
—Tom DeSanto

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