Road Trip!

The unofficial start of summer brings to mind road trips. Remember the chaos of car packing and choruses of  "are we there yet?"

Branding is a lot like a road trip. It's an adventure, often filled with drama and detours. How do you stay on course?
Branding Is A Trip: Tom's Ten Tips 
  1. Explore the possibilities and learn everything you can in advance.
  2. Agree on your destination and what kind of trip you'd like to take.
  3. Set a robust and varied, yet realistic and efficient itinerary.
  4. Map out everything: start to finish and every stop along the way.
  5. Know the cost of everything, including incidentals, and allow for more.
  6. Secure the resources you need and tell everyone to pack lightly.
  7. Respond patiently to whiners and stay the course.
  8. Be prepared for delays, detours and possible disaster.
  9. Look all around you, take it all in and share your thoughts.
  10. Revel in who you are and all that you're doing. 
Branding is an ongoing journey. Enjoy the trip.
— Tom DeSanto 

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